Denise Zayack RN, BA, MPH

Collaboratives Coordinator and Coach
Division of Quality Improvement & Education
Vermont Oxford Network

Denise Zayack RN, BA, MPH is a Collaboratives Coordinator and Coach, Division of Quality Improvement & Education at Vermont Oxford Network (VON). Denise has a long history with VON, collecting and submitting data in the early years of the Network, co-leading NICQ teams and as a research project steering team member.
As Operations Director of a Canadian NICU she advanced excellence in innovation, patient and family-centered, developmentally appropriate care and safety best practices. Denise mentored and coached interdisciplinary team members through collaborative quality improvement, effective team building, communication and professional development. Denise also worked as a Health Care Consultant to improve health outcomes for those with chronic illness. Denise’s academic preparation includes Nursing, a BA in Bioethics and an MPH with a concentration in quality improvement science from The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice, Dartmouth College, NH.