Who We Are

VON is health care professionals and families at more than 1,400 member centers collaborating to improve neonatal care around the world with data-driven quality improvement and research.


About Vermont Oxford Network

Vermont Oxford Network is a nonprofit voluntary collaboration of health care professionals working together as an interdisciplinary community to change the landscape of neonatal care.

Our mission is to improve the quality, safety, and value of care for newborn infants and their families through a coordinated program of data-driven quality improvement, education, and research.

We are working to achieve the vision of a worldwide community dedicated to giving infants the best possible start so that every newborn and family achieves their fullest potential.

VON values

Measurement for Data-Driven Decisions

We believe improvement must be informed by data.

With more than 1,000 centers worldwide submitting data on VLBW and all NICU admissions, our reporting tools give centers the necessary data and benchmarks to make meaningful local improvement.

Teams in our improvement programs (NICQ and iNICQ) participate in VON Day Audits, twice annual point-prevalence quality audits that include unit-level and patient-level measures for benchmarking and to inform their improvement projects. Teams in NICQ also work with homeroom faculty to identify VON data items for special reports.

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Implementing Evidence into Practice

We believe in small tests of change.

VON has developed its Sequence to Achieve Change that navigates teams through steps to optimize their quality improvement work.

This structured approach to QI integrates key aspects of VON’s successful approach that includes teamwork, families as partners, evidence-based potentially better practices, and iterative tests of change. We refer to these improvement ideas as Potentially Better Practices (PBPs) rather than “better” or “best” practices to indicate that no practice is better or best until it is adapted, tested, and shown to work in the local context.

Teams in VON’s QI collaboratives use interactive online toolkits to guide them through the latest evidence. Faculty skilled in the clinical application of evidence through disciplined QI methods guide teams as they implement changes to policies and practices.

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Partnering with Families

We believe families are essential partners in every stage of improvement.

Family partners are core faculty and advisors for our programs, including the Annual Quality Congress and QI collaboratives.

Family partners are fully empowered members of teams participating in VON QI collaboratives.

We welcome families to share their stories and improvement projects as a central part of our annual meeting.

health equity

Supporting Health Equity

We believe there is no quality without equity.

We developed the concept of “follow through,” a comprehensive approach to address health equity that begins before birth and continues into childhood involving health professionals, families, and communities as partners to meet the social as well as medical needs of infants and families. To help individuals and teams follow through, we also developed a list of potentially better practices.

Teams in VON QI collaboratives have the opportunity to apply for grant funding from VON to develop effective programs to address health equity and follow through.

Our global health initiatives support health equity by partnering with neonatal care teams in resource-limited communities to enable sustainable data-driven quality improvement.

VON Health Equity and Follow Through Resources
annual quality congress

Collaborating with Teams and the Community

We believe everyone has a role in improving care.

VON members dedicated to data-driven quality improvement have changed the landscape of neonatal care because we have created a culture of improvement together.

Through Vermont Oxford Network, improvements to neonatal care spread across centers worldwide as changes to practices are tested and adapted. Centers participating in VON QI Collaboratives learn how to become more effective teams to create lasting change in care processes and practices. We develop global health initiatives in partnership with teams to meet the needs of the local setting.

Our community comes together to learn from each other and share data-driven improvements during the VON Annual Quality Congress.

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Join Us

We have two membership levels: Core and Quality Circle.

Core members participate in our VLBW, Expanded, and/or Global Neonatal databases and receive reports for local quality improvement.

Quality Circle members participate in VON databases and QI programs, which include additional reporting and support to implement evidence-based practices and accelerate data-driven quality improvement.

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