What We Do

We bring people together to use data, current evidence, and quality improvement training to make lives better for care teams, infants, and families.

Data to Benchmark Improvement

Supporting data-driven quality improvement in the NICU and beyond

VON serves as a neutral, independent party in analyzing and providing benchmarking data for individual centers and groups that can be used to identify local opportunities for improvement of neonatal care.

Four registries collect information on very low birth weight infants, all patients cared for in a NICU, follow-up for extremely low birth weight infants, and infants cared for in resource-limited settings around the world.

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QI Collaboratives and Education

Helping teams achieve and sustain improved outcomes

We lead multi-center collaboratives and provide resources to help teams collectively improve on the most critical and complex challenges facing newborn caregivers. We guide teams in the implementation of the most recent research, evidence-based practices, and guidelines.

Teams work together in-person and online and learn quality improvement methodology to achieve and sustain improvements in their center, institution, group, or region.

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Data for QI in Resource-Limited Settings

Tailored locally for the worldwide community of practice

We develop long-term partnerships and support health professionals around the world to implement evidence-based improvement in neonatal care. With a database tailored for resource-limited settings, dedicated volunteers, and expert faculty, our global health initiatives provide the tools, coaching, and support to achieve improved outcomes and save lives.

We offer ongoing support for data collection and analysis for members of the Global Neonatal Database. Through our volunteer program and Ethiopian Neonatal Network meetings, we guide teams on data-driven quality improvement projects from identifying the opportunity, to setting their aim, and measuring results.



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Accelerating Improvement

Convening neonatal healthcare providers and contributing to evolving practices