What did 92 teams learn about safe pulse oximetry ?

What did 92 teams learn about safe oxygen saturations and compliance with safe pulse oximetry ranges and alarm limits from auditing 1133 infants in their units?

Over 99% of those participating in the audit shared that the audit was useful, providing important insights into their units practice and opportunities for improvement.

Although many units had policies and procedures regarding pulse oximetry, the audit revealed that many of the policies were outdated or lacked sufficient detail and clarity to guide practice. The audit revealed some clear opportunities for improving over-saturation; for example, high alarms were disabled in nearly 16% of the patients.  Of key importance, 28% of the nurses reported that it was difficult or impossible to keep the infants in their units desired saturation ranges. And one in five nurses reported that responding to alarms resulted in delays of scheduled care or missed care for infants in their unit.

Complete results of the 2015 VON Day Audit are available to participating centers on our quality-members’ only website – NICQpedia.

Enrollment is still open for the VON iNICQ focused on alarm safety and safety oxygen requirements. If you would like to explore the opportunity to improve – please contact Pam Ford.