Vermont Oxford Network works with EHR vendor in effort to align data collection

Vermont Oxford Network is happy to announce we have worked with Epic on a new feature to enable abstraction of infant data for submission to VON’s Very Low Birth Weight and Expanded Database. The new feature allows participating VON members to view and input data for eligible infants from a single screen, and to prepare a file for submission to VON all from within Epic’s 2014 version.

Using VON-specific SmartForms in a sidebar, data abstractors and clinical staff can search the infant’s chart for relevant information and enter it into a form displayed on the same screen. With the initial release, the SmartForms do not automate the collection of information from the infant’s chart. Users can generate reports about submitted infant records, as well as those in progress. Infant data files can be imported to eNICQ for complete error checking, or can be submitted directly to VON. To support data integrity, both groups worked together to ensure the VON data items are accurately represented in the SmartForms.

Existing Epic users can find more information about the feature and how to use it by reviewing the whitepaper, Submitting Information from Epic to Vermont Oxford Network, on the Epic UserWeb or speaking with their dedicated Epic support team. For questions about submitting infant data files to Vermont Oxford Network, please call VON Technical Support at (802) 865-4814 x240.

April 6, 2015

Download the press release