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Please Sample A VON “Micro-Lesson”

What is a VON “Micro-Lesson” – and How Will We Learn Together?

For NICUs to achieve measurable improvement they must leverage both interdisciplinary learning to understand the current evidence, as well as apply a healthy dose of improvement science to translate this learning into action at the unit level. Our goal is to help your team translate your data into actionable information, to improve the quality, safety, and value of care.

D + QI = Improved Outcomes

Vermont Oxford Network has invested deeply in education with the launch of our new subscription-based state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS). VON now provides a world-class portfolio of both clinical and quality education in the form of “Micro-Lessons”, presented by the world’s leading expert faculty. read more

VON “Micro-Lessons” are enduring online content designed to inform your practice and your QI efforts. The Micro-Lessons can be accessed by individuals who are investing in their individual learning, or preparing for professional certification exams. They can also be used by educators to augment Fellow’s teaching, enrich the training of every discipline, augment NICU orientation programs, unit-based conferences, brown bag lunches, or in-services.

In a group setting the learning leader can play a Micro-Lesson led by an expert VON faculty, and then lead a discussion about how to apply the learning in the local setting, and send the learners to the LMS to complete their post-test evaluation, and download their continuing education credits. When viewing Micro-Lessons on the LMS site, CME/CNE credits are available.

Is Improvement Possible?

Good data suggests that improved neonatal outcomes are indeed possible. In the VON database, we have seen consistent improvements in outcomes over time for the past decade with current VON teams now performing as well or in some cases better than the best performing 25th percentile centers in 2005.

Sample a Micro-Lesson

Access a brief Micro-Lesson sample below by clicking the green button. This lesson, adapted from the VON Annual Quality Congress Plenary Session, was delivered live in October 2015.

This Micro-Lesson is an excellent example that can be shared with your local care team as well as your senior leadership team, and is a clear call to action to all who care for infants, to continue the quest for improvement. We have made this Micro-Lesson available on the VON public web; however, those who are subscribed to and enrolled in the VON Learning Management System would access this through our private LMS online learning portal, and would earn instant continuing education credits.

Jeffrey D. HorbarVermont Oxford Network

Jeffrey D. Horbar MD
Chief Executive and Scientific Officer
Vermont Oxford Network
Jerold F. Lucey Professor of Neonatal Medicine University of Vermont Burlington, VT