Center-Level and Individual Access to the VON Learning Management System

How Can My Center Get Enrollment To The LMS?

In 2016 the VON LMS was made available to all centers, institutions, and statewide perinatal quality improvement organizations affiliated with the VON iNICQ programs focused on Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, or Choosing Antibiotics Wisely. Access to the LMS is a new and important member benefit for VON QI members!

How Do I Know If My Center Has Access?

If your center is a member NICQ Next 2, iNICQ, or an affiliated statewide QI collaborative they have already subscribed to a center-level subscription which entitles every member of your clinical and QI care team to access this important learning and improvement resource. read more

If you are not sure who your VON Center Champion is, or if you are not sure if your center has a VON Quality Membership, please contact John McGregor at for more information. To learn more about how you can serve in this exciting new educational role as a VON Champion, click here.

How Does Tiered LMS Access Work?

Your level of access to content and resources on the LMS depends on your level of QI engagement. read more

  • NICQ Next2 members have an “all access pass” to all of the learning materials, Micro-Lessons, toolkits, improvement stories, guidelines and practice protocols, as well as access to the VON Virtual Annual Quality Congress.
  • VON iNICQ Members have access to a home collaborative page, their “virtual homeroom” topic specific toolkit, and related Micro-Lessons, and the growing VON QI curriculum.
  • Hospitals and health-systems may also subscribe to focused educational packages (i.e. the NAS Universal Training Curriculum) or purchase an “all access pass.”











Centers that do not yet have a VON Quality Membership can purchase an LMS subscription for unlimited use for every team member at your center. If you would like more information about purchasing a center-level LMS subscription, please contact Pam Ford at for more information.

How Do I Access The VON Learning Management System?

If you know that you are already enrolled in the LMS, but are not sure where to log on, click on the link below. We encourage you to bookmark this link – for easy access in the more

If you need more detailed instructions about how to log on, please click on the link below for brief instructions for first-time users, or those who need a quick refresher on how to get online.

How Can I Activate My Enrollment on the VON LMS?

Currently, all enrollment requests for the VON LMS need to be approved by your local VON Champion. Approval by your local VON Champion validates for VON that you currently work at the center, and/or are collaborating with them on improvement work. read more

The enrollment process should be as easy as sending your VON Champion a brief email – and asking them to forward your enrollment request to VON. If you are unsure who your VON Champions are here to help!

How Will a VON Champion Enroll New Learners?

As the local VON Champion you play an important role in helping to engage every learner who is critical to improving care at your center. Some centers have already enrolled over 300 learners to the LMS! read more

We ask the VON Champion to help identify potential learners, and help to motivate them to sign-on and begin learning. VON Champions will also become a LMS “Super User” for their site, and will identify key learning bundles important in their setting. VON Champions will have access to “back-end” reports to help you track the use and learning at their centers. For more information about the VON Champion role, click here.

For enrollment requests of 5 learners or less, please email the following:

  • Learners first name
  • Last name
  • Preferred email address.

Send enrollment requests to John McGregor at

We encourage unit-wide enrollment, or large scale enrollment requests. For enrollment requests > 5 learners, please email John McGregor and he will send you an easy tool for enrollment, which includes a pre-populated spreadsheet and simple enrollment instructions.