VON Learning Management System


Introducing the New VON Learning Management System

The VON Learning Management System is an online tool that provides individuals and teams simple and centralized learning opportunities to increase clinical knowledge, quality improvement capacity, engagement, and teamwork. read more

Currently, centers that are participating in a 2016 iNICQ and/or NICQ Quality Improvement Collaborative have access to the Learning Management System. Other VON and Non-VON members can purchase an LMS subscription to gain access to the LMS. Contact John McGregor at jmcgregor@vtoxford.org. Members participating in a 2016 VON Improvement Collaborative can take advantage of all the following benefits of the LMS to enhance their improvement.


The LMS provides learners with easy-to-digest 15-minute Micro-Lessons learners can complete to earn CME/CNE credits. Micro-Lessons are located in content bundles which focus on a wide array of subject matter. read more

Content bundles available on the LMS include:

  • Choosing Antibiotics Wisely Bundle
  • Family Centered Care Bundle
  • Improving Outcomes for Infants Requiring Surgery Bundle
  • Improving Teams and Teamwork Bundle
  • Infection Reduction Bundle
  • Micro-Premature Infant Care Bundle
  • Minimizing Brain Injury Bundle
  • Minimizing Lung Injury Bundle
  • Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Curriculum Bundle
  • Nutrition Bundle
  • Quality Improvement Curriculum

Click here to view a sample Micro-Lesson

Micro Lesson

VON Quality Improvement Resources

VON Quality Improvement Resources are a vibrant repository of QI resources including Toolkits focused on minimizing the major morbidities of prematurity, QI tools and templates. read more

These pragmatic tools will arm your team with with the ability to design, launch, and measure the results of quality improvement projects. Users can click on each of the “green icons” to either preview or access related resources.

QI Improvement Resources

Collaborative Generated Quality Improvement Resources

Users can click on each of the “blue icons” to see actual center level examples of project charters, a repository of unit policies, procedures, guidelines and team-generated improvement abstracts and posters. read more

These shared resources provide other teams with real world critical information to inform their local QI work.

Collaborative Resources

Logging in for the First Time

Your Center Champion is responsible for all enrollment requests. read more

For information about LMS Enrollment, please visit our LMS Enrollment page.

When you have received confirmation that learners have been enrolled, learners will follow the below steps to access the LMS.  Learners will need to go to  http://www.vtoxford.org/LMS to log into the LMS. Once learners go to http://www.vtoxford.org/LMS  they will need to:

  1. Click the “Create a New Password” link
  2. Enter your email address in the Username field and click Submit
  3. Look in your inbox for an email from noreply@digitalignite.com.
  4. The email will contain a link for the user to verify their username/email and set their password to login. The link expires within 24 hours after it is sent. If the link is expired, the learners can repeat steps 1-3.

How to Navigate the LMS?

Once you log into the LMS, you will have access to a multitude of resources, content, and learning tools. read more

Click on the links below for an overview of all the features of the LMS and how to navigate to access Micro-Lessons and Resources.

Access Support Resources

When you log into the LMS, at the top right of the screen, we have a host of resources from Getting Started Materials, Overviews of the LMS, and Center Champion Resources that can help you navigate the LMS. read more

To access the Help site, click the Help link at the top right of the screen after logging into the LMS. You can also access our LMS Support Resources on our LMS FAQs page.

Contact us for Support

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for support.

Technical Support – VON Support (support@vtoxford.org), 802-865-4814, x240
LMS Questions – John McGregor (jmcgregor@vtoxford.org), 802-865-4814, x237