VON/IHI Practical Foundations in Improvement Science

We developed this course in partnership with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement to build quality improvement skills and capacity across your organization.

QI Skills in the Context of Antibiotic Use

The Practical Foundations in Improvement Science curriculum helps team members build improvement skills while actively applying these skills to choosing and using antibiotics wisely.

The seven lessons use real-world examples of teams working in the newborn care setting, and the tools and techniques learned can be applied to virtually any quality improvement challenge.

Physicians seeking Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part 4 as well as fellows beginning their journey in quality improvement will benefit from the skills acquired through the this online course. Individuals completing the course will also receive a VON/IHI QI Fundamentals Credential, acknowledging growing skills and expertise in the field.

This course is available to teams enrolled in the following programs

Improving Critical Transitions for Every Newborn

NICU rounds

Quality Improvement at VON

Dedicated to continuous improvement

More than 700 teams in VON quality improvement collaboratives and have accelerated improvement for the entire neonatal community of practice.

Teams learn how to use data to inform improvement plans that lead to measurable results, which are presented at the VON Annual Quality Congress and elsewhere.

The QI methodologies that teams become proficient in through hands-on work in VON collaboratives inform improvement in other areas of their work with infants and families in the NICU and other care settings.

The most successful teams integrate parents into the improvement teams and partner with families to advance family-integrated care.

Ultimately, participation in VON quality improvement gives teams the tools, guidance, and momentum they need to sustain continuous improvement.

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