The Ins and Outs of Neonatal Care

How and Why We Will Achieve Sustainable Improvement for Critical Transitions

Designed as a three-year quality improvement collaborative, the first year of The Ins & Outs of Neonatal Care will focus on admission, discharge, and handoffs. Teams will also learn QI methodology to sustain improvement and apply sound QI methods to other transitions and challenges.

Along with coaching teams to build QI capacity to achieve and sustain improvements, collaborative faculty will guide teams to develop data-driven abstracts and reports to senior leadership that demonstrate positive impact and return on investment. Teams participating at the Intensive-level will also benefit from in-person collaboration at VON’s Annual Quality Congress and additional resources to help care teams to co-design care with families.

phases of neonatal care

About Critical Transitions

A critical transition is any change of the care site, significant change to care status or plan, or change to the care team. Critical transitions represent a vulnerable period for infants and families; if not standardized and coordinated the potential for inefficient care and excess length of stay exists. By improving patient handoffs in these vulnerable times, teams will fulfill important recommendations from The Joint Commission, American Academy of Pediatrics and National Quality Forum.

New VON transfer data suggest significant increases in LOS of 7 days or more across all gestational age / birthweight classes. Data from VON members also shows wide variation in which patients are admitted to the NICU and how long they are staying. We believe that a deep dive into critical transitions at your center and  learning from other hospitals around the world will result in increased efficiency, improved family satisfaction, and improved quality of care for all infants at your center.

Critical transitions occur within a hospital or health system and between several hospitals and communities, and all levels of hospitals, health systems, and regional groups are encouraged to participate in this QI collaborative.

In year 1 of the collaborative, teams will focus on admission/transport or transition home. In years 2 and 3, teams will focus on critical transitions in other phases of care.