VON NICQ & iNICQ Symposium

NICQ & iNICQ Agenda (pdf)

A Team-Centered Collaborative Event

This special “by invitation only event” is for NICU teams actively engaged in the VON Quality Improvement Collaboratives, NICQ Next2 and iNICQ Choosing Antibiotics Wisely. In Chicago they will meet face-to-face to learn, measure, share and improve. Select teams will present short, focused improvement stories and their measurable results. Participants learn how to apply the Model for Improvement to virtually any improvement challenge. The unique engagement of senior leaders and parent team members in the Symposium emphasizes the importance of creating value both in the c-suite and for the families that we serve. Rich peer-to-peer learning, sharing of data and outcomes, and innovative change ideas often have relevance beyond the NICU walls.

The day-long learning session is reserved for teams already engaged in VON collaborative work. Special invitations are extended on a limited basis to individuals who are considering future NICQ Next or iNICQ participation. To learn about opportunities to participate in 2017, please contact our Quality Improvement Collaborative Coach, Denise Zayack, by email at dzayack@vtoxford.org