Call for Videos

2016 Annual Quality Congress
Call for Videos—NICU Tubefest

Deadline for Video Submissions: July 1, 2016

The Vermont Oxford Network continues to build our community of practice through the use of video. Please help us spread innovative practices and programs by sharing a short video from your center. Relevant video topics include the following:

  • Focus on an innovative program or practice
  • Show a standardized process or procedure
  • Highlight innovative quality improvement tools or strategies
  • Demonstrate clinically relevant practices for others
  • Share a family-created PhotoVoice presentation

Select videos will be available for viewing during the Annual Quality Congress in a special screening room.


1. Develop your video or PhotoVoice presentation using the guidelines below.
2. Complete your Submission Authorization Agreement (required by all submitters).
3. Assure that all consent to video / photograph are scanned and sent electronically.
4. Submit completed materials electronically to or on DVD, CD, or flash drive to:

Pam Ford
Vermont Oxford Network
33 Kilburn Street
Burlington, VT USA 05401


Videos should be congruent with the conference themes and call for videos. Each video should begin with a title slide and must be no longer than three minutes, not inclusive of an additional one minute for video credits.