Annual Quality Congress Agenda

Transforming Newborn Care

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

6:30AM Walk or Run for Fun – Day 1 – Get up and Go!
7:00 Optional Sunrise Breakfast Sessions
• Section on Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine (SONPM) J. Zupancic
• VON Serial Data – In Service of Quality Improvement E. Edwards
• NANN: Opportunities to Publish and Spread Your QI Work D. Brandon
• AAP Verification of NICU Levels of Care Project A. Stark
• Time to Come On Board! New NHSN Data Modules on Antibiotic Use and Resistance D. Pollock/CDC Team
• VON Quality Improvement Collaboratives for 2018/19: iNICQ & NICQ M. Buus-Frank/ D. Zayack
• Calling All Fellows / Trainees! Meet the Professor H. Kaplan
8:00 Welcome!  Challenge to the Neonatal Community-Ever-Improving Care! J. Horbar

Translating Evidence Into Practice

8:10 Framing the Evidence Challenge Moderator R. Soll
8:15 Translating the Evidence into Practice: Antenatal Steroids A. Jobe
8:35 Questions / Answers / Dialogue
8:45 Improvement Podium Brief Improvement Team
8:55 Translating the Evidence Into Practice: Cooling S. Bonifacio
9:10 Questions / Answers / Dialogue
9:20 The Changing Healthcare Landscape . . . Must the Evidence Be Sacrificed?
9:40 Questions / Answers / Dialogue
9:50 Networking Break

Genomics and the NICU . . . A Brave New World?

10:15 Genomics: Possibilities and Perils M. Cotten
10:35 Questions / Answers / Dialogue
10:45 First Steps Towards Precision Medicine in the NICU S. Kingsmore
11:05 Questions / Answers / Dialogue
11:20 Unfit for the Future? Lessons on Human Physical, Cognitive, Emotional and Moral Enhancement J. Savulescu
11:40 Questions / Answers / Dialogue
12:00 Lunch on Your Own or Optional Lunch and Learn Networking Sessions*
2:00 – 3:15 Breakout Sessions
3:30 – 5:30 Learning Fair
6:30 VON Social Event

Sunday, October 29, 2017

6:30 AM Optional Sunrise Breakfast Session
7:00 – 7:45 Late Breaking Science Session: Results of the Australian
Placental Transfusion Randomized Controlled Trial
W. Tarnow-Mordi

The Edge of Viability

8:00 Framing the Challenges at the “Edges” of Viability Moderator: M. Buus-Frank
8:05 Vermont Oxford Network Data at the “Edges” of Viability D. Ehret
8:20 Controversies With Using “Calculators” or “Estimators” M. Rysavy
8:40 Panel – Questions / Answers / Dialogue
8:50 Improvement Podium Brief NICQ Next Improvement Team
9:00 Strategies for Shared Decision-making G. Moore
9:20 Shared Decision-making – Lessons From the Other Side of the Bed Parent Panel
9:40 Panel / Questions / Answers / Dialogue
9:50 Break / Networking Session Featuring VON State Partners, Perinatal / Neonatal QI Leaders, and State Projects

Survival But Then What? The Social Determinants of Health

10:20 Framing the Dialogue Moderator: J. Horbar
10:30 Social Determinants of Health and the New World Disorder P. O’Campo
10:50 Questions / Answers / Dialogue
11:00 Impacting Disparities in Neonatal and Infant Mortality in Ohio M. Walsh
11:20 Questions / Answers / Dialogue
11:30 Neonatal Follow-up . . . Are We Asking the Right Questions? M. McCormick
11:50 Questions / Answers / Dialogue
12:00 Lunch On Your Own
1:15 – 2:30 Breakout Sessions / Poster Symposia
2:40 Closing Plenary Session
Neonatal Care Around the World: What Must We Learn From Each Other
Argentina — G. Mariani
Ethiopia — A. Demtse
Wales — S. Banerjee, G. MorrisModerator: D. Ehret
3:30 Meeting Adjourns


Breakout Sessions

Download PDF of Breakout Sessions

Saturday, October 28, 2017

2:00 – 3:15

Sunday, October 29, 2017

1:15 – 2:30

Emerging Science and Evolving Evidence
BPD: Why Are We Failing to Move the Big Dot?
A. Jobe
The Evidence: Delayed Cord Clamping
R. Soll
Case Studies in Precision Medicine:
Diagnostic Urgency
S. Kingsmore
National Academy of Medicine Review of the Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoid
M. McCormick
Futility of Futility
J. Savulescu
Translating Evidence Into Practice: VON NICQ Next2 Quality Improvement Teams Share Data Driven Improvement
  • Improving Surgical Outcomes
  • Improving Multi-System Outcomes
  • Teams and Teamwork = Improved Outcomes

Moderator: S. Carroll

  • Improving Care For Micro-Premature Infants POD 1
  • Improving Care For Micro-Premature Infants Homeroom 2
  • Improving Care For Micro-Premature Infants Homeroom 3

Moderator: M. Dunn

The Not So “Normal” Newborn Nursery – Clinical Quandaries
Safe Sleep in the Newborn Nursery, NICU and Beyond
R. Moon
Safe Sleep in the Newborn Nursery, NICU and Beyond
R. Moon
Transient Hypoglycemia in the Newborn Nursery: Is There Evidence for Glucose Gel?
C. Seashore
Antibiotic Stewardship and Infection Prevention
Playing by the Rules – Promoting Rapid Cycle Uptake of New National Guidelines for Antibiotic Use in Newborn
K. Puopolo / M. Cotten
Antibiotic Stewardship Briefs
Data Driven Improvement Stories and Podium Presentations
Moderators: A. Srinivasan / D. Dukhovny / T. Ho
Beyond Micro 101 Basics:
Confirming or Ruling Out Sepsis in Hours – Not Days!
K. Ota-Sullivan
Improving Outcomes for Substance Exposed Infants and Families
Hot Topics in Combatting the Growing NAS Epidemic

  • Are We Overmedicating Infants?
  • New Models of Care and Scoring Practices
  • Embracing Public Health Approaches

S. Patrick / L. Marcellus

World-Class Care for NAS Infants in a Small, Rural Community Hospital – Lessons From a VON Center of Excellence
Presenter: S. Bache
Moderators: S. Patrick / L. Marcellus
Improving Outcomes Through the Use of Human Milk
RCT of Supplemental Donor Human Milk Compared With Preterm Formula on Neurodevelopment of Very Low-Birth-Weight Infants at 18 Months
S. Gibbins
Donor Milk Science – State of the Evidence
Clearly Not Equivalent to Mothers’ Own Milk! (preliminary title)
P. Meier
Telemedicine – the Future is Now!
Integrating Telemedicine Into the ICU Care Continuum – Prenatal to Post-Discharge Follow-Through
J. Chuo
24:7 Situational – How it Can Benefit Your NICU, Labor and Delivery and Hospital
L. Halamek
Simulation in Service of Quality Improvement
Beyond Training! Using Simulation to Improve Quality and Safety
L. Halamek / K. Firestone
Learning From Simulated Small Tests of Change to Improve Care in Our Micro-Premature Care Unit
A. Atwater / S. Teman
A Global Perspective: Improving Care in the Developing World
AAP Quality Improvement Guidebook
C. Bose / J. Patterson / D. Ehret
Building and Empowering a Nurse-Led Neonatal Resuscitation Team in Ethiopia
Presenters: L. Pollack, T. Eusterbrock, P. Platt, M. Tadesse, S. Hally
Moderator: D. Ehret
Beyond the NICU Walls . . . Not Just Follow-up But Follow-Through
Why Follow-up is Not Enough and Follow-Through Can’t Wait!
J. Litt
A Call for Healthcare System Redesign to Support Preterm Infants and Families After NICU Discharge
D. Kuo
Newborn Intensive Parenting – Engaging Families in an Improved Future
Engaging Paid NICU Families to Serve as Delivery Room Liaisons During the Golden Hour
S. Tilbury / N. Kuemin
Lessons on Shared Decision Making in the NICU
G. Moore
Futility of Futility
J. Savulescu
Building Data Capacity
Crowd Sourcing Knowledge: Team Examples of Mapping and Mining EMR Data for QI
E. Edwards
Automated Data Extraction: Opportunities, Pearls and Pitfalls
E. Edwards / D. Mortensen
Turning Data Into Action! Building Capacity for Quality Improvement
The Art of The Audit:
Best of VON Teams Share Audits That Drive Improvement
Moderator: R. Soll
Creating, Critiquing and Interpreting Run Charts and SPCC
H. Kaplan / M. Gupta
Scaling Quality Improvement at the State / Health System Level
Learning From Innovative Statewide Quality Improvement Projects Part 1.

  • Cooling for HIE: Statewide Implementation From CA – S. Bonifacio
  • Antibiotic Stewardship in OR – D. Dukhovny
  • Combatting NAS in Maryland – B. DiPietro

Moderator: W. Edwards

Learning From Innovative Statewide Quality Improvement Projects –
Part 2 – Best in Class State Abstracts
Moderator: W. Edwards
Calling All Senior Leaders
Taking Your NICU From Good to Great –
Improving Outcomes, Rankings, and Revenue
G. Suresh
Taking Your NICU From Good to Great –
Improving Outcomes, Rankings, and Revenue
G. Suresh

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