NICQ 2018-19 Resources and Support



NICQ 2018-19 Resources and Support

Measurement Plan for Collaborative, Homerooms, Change Ideas

  • Collaborative-wide audits with reports for individual teams and Homerooms
  • Homeroom measurement plans aligned with Potentially Better Practices and change ideas
  • Display of many VON data items (outcomes and processes) in run chart form in Nightingale, updated with every discharge entered

Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Dynamic linear curriculum support accessed via Homeroom page
  • Searchable resources from past meetings and collaboratives
  • Recorded Homeroom webinars and VON NICQ 2018-19 webinars
  • Video tutorials (micro-lessons) providing access to continuing education credits/hours
  • Virtual Annual Quality Congress 2016 and 2017 – recorded Plenary and Breakout Sessions
  • Access for every member of your NICU to the LMS included in your NICQ 2018-19 fee

Collaborating Platform

  • Conversational forum within Homerooms
  • Computer, laptop, tablet, and mobile device accessible

Data & Reporting

  • Collaborative-wide audits to be completed on rounds at intervals throughout NICQ 2018-19; results reported overall, for Homerooms, and for teams
  • Subset of audit items to be assessed more regularly as applicable for Homerooms
  • Suggested measurement/feedback plans for each Potentially Better Practice and associated change ideas
  • VON data reported in run chart style for many outcome and process measures, updated in real time with each discharge entered at the center. Business Associate Agreement required and will be provided to NICQ 2018-19 contact when registration is confirmed

Leadership & Coaching

  • Homeroom faculty team are available to provide individual and team coaching and share feedback on monthly Homeroom webinars
  • VON faculty and staff collaborate to identify and pursue improvements to the team experience, informed by team member feedback
  • Detailed review, feedback and coaching provided by the Collaborative Coordinator and Coach Denise Zayack for annual quality improvement abstract submissions