NAS Universal Training Program – VON Universal Education Champion

What is a VON Champion?

The VON Champion is a new role designed to deepen center-level engagement at VON. The VON Champion role is focused on engagement of team members at the unit level in quality and educational projects. read more

One of the important tasks of the VON Champion is identifying all of the healthcare team members who might benefit from access to online tools and resources provided on the VON Learning Management System, and authorizing VON to enroll these learners in the online classroom. Additionally, as an LMS “Super User” the VON Champion can and should identify key Micro-Lessons of interest to their team, encourage local team members to access these resources, and assist others in learning how to integrate these world-class materials into local educational events. Additionally, the VON Champion will have deeper access into the LMS, and be able to obtain data and reports regarding who is engaging in the learning, and special reports related to completion of universal training programs.

How Does A VON Champion Enroll Learners?

The VON Champion will develop, monitor and update a list of local team members (i.e. neonatologists, fellows, nurses, NNPs, RTs, social workers, PT/OTs, pharmacists, etc.) and submit this team list to VON. read more

Concurrently he/ she will begin to provide the learners with information about the LMS, and build interest and engagement. Given the VON Champion authorization, VON will then enroll these designated individuals in the VON Online Learning Management System (LMS).

What Team Members Will Benefit From Access to the LMS?

The VON Champion may enroll an unlimited number of individuals into the online classroom at no additional cost or fees. You may choose to prioritize specific team members based upon interest and/or the specific educational or quality goals of your unit. read more

  • Bedside Nurses
  • Neonatal Nurse Practitioners
  • CNS/ Unit Educators
  • Respiratory Therapists
  • Pharmacists/Dieticians
  • Neonatologists/Fellows/Residents/Midwives
  • Obstetricians
  • Lactation Consultants
  • Unit Medical and Nursing Directors
  • Quality and Safety Leaders
  • Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapists
  • Senior Leaders
  • Parents/Consumer Advisors
  • Social Workers/Discharge Coordinators