iNICQ 2014 Aim and Methods

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iNICQ 2014 Aims and Methods

Our Aim

We will assist multidisciplinary teams at participating hospitals to identify improvement opportunities and to encourage them in implementing 3 potentially better practices.

iNICQ Circle

PBP 1: Develop and implement a standardized process for the identification, evaluation, treatment and discharge management of  infants with neonatal abstinence syndrome.
PBP 2. Develop and implement a standardized process for measuring and reporting rates of neonatal abstinence syndrome and substance exposure.
PBP 3: Create a culture of compassion, understanding, and healing for the mother infant dyad affected by the problem of neonatal abstinence syndrome.


Our Methods

The iNICQ 2013/2014 curriculum has been designed to encourage participants to:

  • Participate in dynamic internet-based Webinars, designed for teams who are focused on improving the quality, safety and value of care for infants and families affected by NAS.
  • Use the Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Toolkit to structure, design, test and implement local and regional improvements.
  • Provide 24/7 access to the VON NAS Core and Intensive Curriculum, and award CME / NCH credits for participation.
  • Use the Virtual Video Visit and Facilitator’s Field guide to create and deliver engaging local and regional educational events.
  • Learn from innovative centers of excellence and hospitals that are demonstrating clear improvement.
  • Measure your improvement progress using the innovative VON Day Quality Audit, which provides your center with the local data upon which to build improvement.
  • Benchmark your progress against regional, state, and national data.
  • Submit your QI project work to the Vermont Oxford Network to get Maintenance of Certification credit for individuals or physician team members.