Choosing Antibiotics Wisely: VON Day Quality Audit

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VON Day Quality Audit: Choosing Antibiotics Wisely: iNICQ 2018

Why Are Audits Important?

The primary purpose of a VON Day Quality Audit is to provide timely data that facilitates the quality improvement goals of the collaborative. Our members have found that our audits, which are conducted intermittently throughout an improvement project, are a quick and efficient tool to help them understand where they stand in relation to others, and to provide evidence-based feedback that helps further process improvement. For the iNICQ quality improvement collaborative, a VON-wide antibiotic utilization rate will be calculated based on aggregate data from participating neonatal units from around the world. We will then share back reports to each local participating organization, placing their local data within a broader global perspective, while also suggesting key improvement areas on which local teams can focus.

What Support Will Participating Institutions Receive?

VON provides participating organizations with a VON Day Audit packet that includes a model IRB, detailed instructions and a manual of operations. Designated local VON Day Audit data collectors will identify eligible infants and enter the data using a secure on-line portal that we provide. Our VON Day Audit Coordinator is available to provide coaching and technical assistance to complete the audit.

2018 VON Day Audit Dates

February 12th – February 23rd
October 29th – November 9th

2018 Materials

2018 VON Day Audit Packet with IRB Materials (PDF) (includes Protocol/Manual of Operations)
IRB sample letter (word version)
Frequently Asked Questions
Unit Questionnaire
Patient Data Form
Pre-numbered Patient Data Worksheets for data collection at your center. (PDFs)
Prenumbered Patient Data Form 1 – 20
Prenumbered Patient Data Forms 21- 40
Prenumbered Patient Data Forms 41 – 60

Step by Step Instructions for Viewing Audit Reports

What Will the Structure of the Antibiotics Utilization Audit Be?

iNICQ: Choosing Antibiotics Wisely audits will have two parts:

  • Center Level Data
    • This data will be collected around the core measures for antibiotic stewardship programs as recommended by the CDC.
  • Infant Level Data
    • This data will be collected on all infants currently receiving antibiotics, including a snapshot of their clinical condition, the reason for prescribing antibiotics, and the dose, duration, and ongoing indications.

In addition to this data, participating centers will be encouraged to collect a set of mini-measures locally on a regular basis and to monitor their antibiotic utilization rate trends over time. This will allow participants to evaluate how key interventions they have made have impacted their outcomes and measure progress towards achieving their clinical aim.

How Does Data Collection Impact Patient Privacy Obligations?

No protected health information will be submitted to Vermont Oxford Network. However, the person performing the audit at your unit may have access to protected health information during the performance of the audit. Participants must obtain all necessary local subjects’ approvals before participating in a VON Day Quality Audit. We reserve the right to present or publish aggregated data from the audits.