iNICQ 2018: Choosing Antibiotics Wisely

iNICQ Intensive – in Partnership with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement

New in 2018, the iNICQ Intensive curriculum provides an additional focus on building quality improvement skills and capacity across your organization, in partnership with the IHI. The Practical Foundations in Improvement Science curriculum helps team members build improvement skills while actively applying these skills to the project at hand – choosing and using antibiotics wisely.

Additionally, the tools and techniques learned can be applied to virtually any quality improvement challenge.

Physicians seeking Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part 4 as well as fellows beginning their journey in quality improvement will benefit from the skills acquired through the iNICQ Intensive curriculum.

In addition to the Core curriculum, Intensive-Level participation includes:

  • Enrollment of your entire team in a massive online course, focused on QI Fundamentals with real-world team examples from the newborn care setting
  • The online course modules / micro-lessons are available 24:7 from any mobile device
  • Individuals completing the course will receive a VON / IHI QI Fundamentals Credential, acknowledging your growing skills and expertise in the field
  • 3 additional interactive webinars and expert coaching to help you and your team execute your QI project and achieve measurable results
  • Registration for your team of 4 clinicians, 2 parents, and 2 senior leaders to attend the VON iNICQ Symposium, Antibiotic Stewardship Summit and Annual Quality Congress (September 20-23, 2018) where the latest research, evidence, and science is shared by leading teams from around the world

iNICQ Core – Local, Regional, and Statewide Antibiotic Stewardship for Newborns

Teams participating in iNICQ: Choosing Antibiotics Wisely have made highly significant improvements in overuse and misuse of antibiotics in the NICU but the work is not done. New clinical guidelines on chorioamnionitis (ACOG) and approaches to screening for early onset sepsis (AAP) will  require important shifts in our approach to antibiotic use in the newborn period. In 2018, iNICQ teams will focus on rapid-cycle adoption of these practices in their NICU and in newborn nurseries down the hall and network referral hospitals in their region.

Whether you join the collaborative as an individual center or as part of a state group, we will share methods to spread successful antibiotic practices to referring hospitals and beyond the NICU to align with new guidelines and hospital-wide goals related to antibiotic use.

View a brochure to share with your team and leadership here.

What the Collaborative Will Accomplish

While hospitals often have antibiotic stewardship teams focused on adult patients, iNICQ 2018 will focus specifically on key components of antibiotic stewardship programs within NICUs. The iNICQ Collaborative center-level improvement teams will pioneer evidence-based best practices that will reduce the overuse of antibiotics, while bringing much-needed standardized protocols and baseline data for hospitals to share. In addition to collaborating with the CDC, iNICQ 2018 will be led by key neonatology experts from Choosing Wisely in Neonatology, an initiative of the ABIM Foundation.

iNICQ 2018 Program Aims

  • Drive the rapid-cycle update of the CDC Core Elements for Antibiotic Stewardship, as demonstrated by progress on the VON Day Audit at the center, health system and state level
  • Promote the rapid-cycle adoption of critical new guidelines for antibiotic use during the perinatal period (ACOG and pending from AAP)
  • Assist individual centers, health systems and states to aim for a 25% reduction in the use of antibiotics in the newborn population

Benefits to Your Organization

This quality improvement collaborative will allow your organization to:

  • Tackle one of our industry’s growing challenges with a practical hands-on approach
  • Participate collaboratively with the world’s most advanced NICUs
  • Develop, implement and evaluate best practices
  • Earn continuing education credits towards certification and licensing. Learn More >>

Moreover, participants in our quality improvement collaborative report high levels of engagement and motivation stemming from the collaborative educational environment VON programs provide.

Options for Participation

Core Curriculum

  • Seven 60-minute Internet-based webinars
  • 30-minute topical work sessions
  • Measure progress using VON Day Quality Audits
  • Compare your performance with others

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Intensive Curriculum

  • All elements of Core Curriculum listed at left
  • Fundamentals in Quality Improvement curriculum for entire team
  • Plus three “deeper dive” webinars
  • Dynamic face-to-face collaboration at our Annual Quality Congress and NICQ Symposium

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Faculty Members

Our VON faculty members and practice area experts are leaders in their fields. Click on an image below to learn more.