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iNICQ 2017 Core: Choosing Antibiotics Wisely
   $3,900 VON Member
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iNICQ 2017 Intensive: Choosing Antibiotics Wisely (includes core curriculum)
   $6,900 VON Member
   $9,400 Non-VON Member

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iNICQ 2017: Choosing Antibiotics Wisely Fees
Fees for the Core and Intensive Curriculum include access to the Choosing Wisely Toolkit, all webinars and sessions hosted on our newly launched on-line learning management system, as well as unlimited CME and CNE for live and recorded events for your entire NICU team. Additionally, physician teams can receive group MOC Part 4 credit for their engagement (no additional fee).

VON Member Fees

iNICQ Core Curriculum $3900

iNICQ Intensive Curriculum* $6900

*Fees for the Intensive Curriculum include registration for 4 team members, 2 senior leaders and 2 parents to attend the VON NICQ Symposium and Annual Quality Congress, a 3-day face-to-face event in Chicago IL.

iNICQ Group Enrollments**

  • Statewide or Regional Improvement Collaboratives -- Discounted fees apply
  • Health system enrollments

**A 20% discount is granted to Level 3 NICUs enrolling as a member of a statewide group, regional quality improvement collaborative, or a health system-wide enrollment. Additionally, we offer an incentive to recruit Level 1 and 2 hospitals to engage in your efforts with a nominal registration fee of $500 / center and they will receive key member benefits as outlined.

Non-Members contact Pam Ford for a custom price quote.

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