Critical Transitions

VON Quality Circle members can participate in two QI collaboratives for critical transitions.

Key Drivers

What is a Critical Transition?

A critical transition is any change to the site of care, status or plan of care, or care team.

In newborn care, these changes happen multiple times from birth to home, and frequently through each phase of care. Each transition can affect the outcome of the infant and experience of the family.

Improvement in critical transitions is driven by:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Families as partners (including Experience-Based Co-Design)
  • Health Equity
  • QI Fundamentals (including standardization)
Phases of Care

Critical Transitions in Phases of Care

Critical Transitions occur within and between phases of newborn care.

These events present the opportunity to impact the care of all infants and families entering a hospital, and the opportunity to include multidisciplinary colleagues from all departments involved in transitions in newborn care.

We have identified variability in the systems of care supporting critical NICU transitions and identified areas for improvement.

Teams in VON collaboratives (Quality Circle and NICQ membership) identify areas from their VON data and apply disciplined QI methodology to processes and practices to achieve measurable improvement.

Quality Circle Improvement Collaboratives for Critical Transitions