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Antibiotic Stewardship: Reduce Overuse of Antibiotics in Newborn Care


About the Course

This course addresses antibiotic stewardship in newborn care by introducing standardized protocols and evidence-based practices that centers have found successful.

The curriculum builds on the progress that hundreds of centers made in the VON internet based collaborative focused on improving antibiotic use in newborn care, during which teams collectively reduced antibiotic utilization rates (AUR) by 34 percent.

Coming in 2023 to all staff at Quality Circle member centers.



Please check back later for lesson titles and descriptions and information about continuing education.

Community Support

Connect with other participants in this course and teams that have successfully implemented practices to reduce antibiotic use. The VON Community Forum is a place to ask questions and share practices, guidelines, and new knowledge and experiences.

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Turn Knowledge into Improvement!

VON Quality Circle members can participate in all courses and programs, including the iNICQ improvement collaborative. By participating in a VON collaborative, you and your team can apply structured quality improvement methodology to the lessons from this course to improve your center’s processes and practices related to antibiotic stewardship – and turn knowledge into improved outcomes for infants and families at your center.

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