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NICU by the Numbers reports are made possible by VON members who voluntarily contribute data in a global effort to improve the care of high-risk newborns. The analysis of network data describes trends and highlights areas for local improvement. VON members can log in to Nightingale or review their reports to see their center- or group-specific data and benchmark against NICU by the Numbers reports.

These reports are published quarterly in the Your VON Newsletter. To sign up to receive the newsletter, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Breastfeeding Support Chart

States with Supportive Breastfeeding Policies Have Higher Rates of Discharge Home on Any Human Milk among Surviving VLBW Infants

Issue 9 – September 2019

VON analysis shows an association between supportive breastfeeding policies and discharge home on human milk.

Commentary from Margaret Parker, MD, MPH examines the impact of these policies and highlights ways teams can support mothers to mitigate the impact of systemic barriers to breastfeeding.

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