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June 2020

activism for health equity

Our Ethical Responsibility to Follow Through for Infants and Families

68 Change Ideas

In our paper published in Pediatrics (online), we argue that it is our responsibility to follow through to address the social determinants of health with the same energy and expertise that we devote to the technical aspects of care.

See 68 potentially better practices to test and implement in your unit.

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NICHD and VON Updated a Birth Outcomes Tool for Probability of Survival for Infants Born Extremely Preterm

VON researchers worked with the Neonatal Research Network, a group of clinical sites supported by NIH’s Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), to update and validate an online tool to calculate probability of survival for infants born extremely preterm.

There is substantial variation for outcomes of infants born extremely preterm among hospitals, which teams should consider while counseling families.

The tool, available in Nightingale Reporting, takes variation among hospitals into account by using center-specific terms and more recent data to give center-specific estimates of survival. Centers without eligible infants will see estimates based on VON averages.

Go to the Birth Outcomes Tool in Nightingale
NbtN Chart

NICU by the Numbers: Nearly One in Five 22-29 Week Infants Requires Respiratory Support to Transition Home

Issue 10

We examined new data items for respiratory support at discharge and found that rates differed by gestational age and region. In his commentary, Roger Soll, MD, calls for teams to build the necessary skills to help families through this difficult transition and follow through to support infants and families after discharge.

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Confronting COVID-19 Challenges Together

Hundreds of teams at hospitals around the world have helped our community gain understanding and provide high quality care for infants and families amid the COVID-19 pandemic by participating in the VON SONPM COVID-19 Impact Audit, interactive webinars, and contributing to the discussion on the VON Community Forum.

This is the last month for the Impact Audit until September. Please participate if your center has not already been represented for June.

We hope you can join our upcoming webinar Health Equity in the Age of Covid: Lessons from the Pandemic. More information coming soon.

Supporting the audit and webinars, the VON Community Forum is available to ask questions and learn from each other 24/7.

All VON COVID-19 resources are free and open to all, regardless of VON membership. See all VON resources and links to other helpful sites on our website.
All VON COVID-19 Resources

Improving VON Online

We recently made major improvements to VON online tools. Please take a few minutes to tell us how you use VON websites and if the changes are meeting your needs. Your feedback is essential to helping us serve VON members better, especially now that our community interacts even more virtually than ever.

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Submit a Photo to Celebrate the Year of the Nurse

Celebrate your colleagues in nursing during 2020 the Year of the Nurse and Midwife by submitting photos of nurses and midwives in action. Nurses take on many roles and provide pivotal support for infants, families, and newborn care teams. Let’s see all you do — and recognize the faces behind the essential work in providing high quality and ever-improving care for infants and families!

Annual Quality Congress 2020

Instead of gathering in person for our annual meeting this year, we are focusing efforts on online interactive education and opportunities for dialogue among teams.
We look forward to welcoming you to an interactive Improvement Science Virtual Expo, which will be available in the fall, and we invite you to participate in the VON Community Forum, which is currently active and open to all.

We are also excited to continue to honor future leaders in quality improvement in newborn care by recognizing AAP/VON Scholars.

Members participating in collaboratives and learning communities will continue their programs with virtual sessions.

VON’s Annual Quality Congress, with its unique blend of education from world experts and sharing among teams, has become a vital event for many teams to sustain and accelerate improvement in newborn care. As we are presented with new challenges, we will continue to innovate and work together to address the most pressing issues for infants and families worldwide.

Closing the Data and Improvement Gap in Ethiopia

VON’s important work continues in Ethiopia, including finding areas for improvement for respiratory distress syndrome. See more in this recent article about the work of VON staff and volunteers to partner with units in Ethiopia to achieve data-driven improvement.

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