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September 2022

All Care is Brain Care

Join VON Collaboratives in 2023 to Protect the Developing Brain

To ensure infants and families have their best start to life beyond the NICU, we must safeguard an especially vulnerable and important organ: the brain.

By exploring evidence, pursuing data-driven QI, and implementing better practices, teams participating in VON QI collaboratives (NICQ and iNICQ) can ensure that all care we provide benefits the developing brain.

Please use our assessment and reporting tools to determine how this collaborative can help your center ensure all infants can reach their full potential.

Does this quality improvement project sound interesting to you? Let us know how we can help your center prevent injury and protect normal maturation of the developing brain.

NICU by the Numbers: Therapeutic Hypothermia Increased 66% from 2012 to 2021

Therapeutic hypothermia is the standard of care in high-income countries for treatment of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy due to perinatal asphyxia. We examined the use of therapeutic hypothermia for term and late preterm infants from 2012 to 2021.

Marie Berg, MD, comments on the evidence for therapeutic hypothermia and the potential impact on families.

NICU by the Numbers is made possible by VON members voluntarily contributing data to improve the care of infants and families worldwide. Log on to Nightingale to see your center’s data.

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VON Grand Rounds: AAP/VON Scholar presentations

Our next free webinar and discussion will feature the improvement work of the 2022 AAP/VON Scholars, future leaders in quality improvement in newborn care.

Log in to the VON portal to view all recorded Grand Rounds webinars, including September’s “Genomics – Variants of Unknown Significance.”

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2022 Annual Quality Congress: Inspiring Change

Members of our worldwide improvement community came together in Chicago earlier this month to learn from each other and apply quality improvement to the care of infants with the goal of ensuring every infant and family can reach their full potential.

This focus includes following through and approaching all aspects of care with consideration of long-term brain health.

Attendees can access continuing education certificates and evaluations in the “Agenda” tab of the conference website and app, and all improvement posters will be available to VON members in the Improvement Library in the coming weeks.

Nightingale Spotlight: Discharge-date based reporting

me Series charts in Nightingale Reporting display measures based on discharge dates.

All VON members with Nightingale access can display these run charts by year. VON members with the appropriate agreements in place can access time series discharge-based reporting by month, quarter, or semi-annual period.

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Does everyone on your team have all the QI resources they need?

Did you know the VON Services Administrator at your center controls who can access Nightingale Reporting and other quality improvement resources in the VON portal? You can see more about VON-related roles at your center, and find the people at your center fulfilling those roles by logging in to the Contacts page in the VON member portal.

Welcome Annie Harrington!

VON's new Director of Strategic Partnerships

Annie Harrington will join VON as the Director of Strategic Partnerships to help health systems and other groups of centers get the most from VON membership. We look forward to learning more from members about their priorities and work in partnership to fulfill unmet needs.

Vote for Follow Through

A civically engaged community creates better health for all. As we consider how we can follow through to promote better health outcomes in the community beyond the NICU, a simple outreach is to encourage (in a non-partisan manner) people to vote. Health care professionals have helped 45,000 Americans register or prepare to vote with the help of Vot-ER badges.

Learn more about Vot-ER.

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