Network Database Reaches 2 Million Neonatal Infant Records (Press Release)

BURLINGTON, VT (PRWeb) November 21, 2014 – Vermont Oxford Network, Inc. (VON) has achieved a significant milestone in the efforts of its membership to build a community of neonatal practice. The Network Database surpassed two million infant records, representing more than 63 million patient days. The Vermont Oxford Network Database maintains data on very low birth weight infants and infants admitted to neonatal intensive care, and serves as a crucial driver of quality improvement. The Database represents approximately 90% of the very low birth weight infants born in the US each year and includes members in 27 countries outside the US. VON serves as a neutral, independent party in analyzing data and facilitating voluntary benchmarking activities for the neonatal community. The Network Database is an important piece of the quality improvement work happening across the nearly 1,000 VON member hospitals.

“This is an important achievement for us, for all of the members of Vermont Oxford Network” said Jeffrey D. Horbar M.D, Chief Executive and Scientific Officer of Vermont Oxford Network and Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Vermont. “The size and diversity of the infant population represented in the Database allow us to provide crucial, independent feedback and benchmarking to our member hospitals, which serve as a key piece of their local quality improvement efforts. In addition to the quality improvement efforts of our member NICUs, the data have also been the foundation of important outcomes research and publications across the neonatal community.”

2014 also marks 25 years of data collection by Vermont Oxford Network. VON has evolved into a community of practice that includes nearly 1,000 hospitals from around the globe. The members voluntarily submit data about the care and outcomes of high-risk newborn infants in support of a mission to improve the quality and safety of medical care for newborn infants and their families. In 1995, VON began developing and leading intensive, multi-center quality improvement collaboratives. Over 500 centers have participated in 23 quality improvement programs that have been offered. These centers have relied on their VON data to drive thousands of quality improvement projects, posters and improvement stories leading to improvement in a variety of critical clinical outcomes.


Vermont Oxford Network ( is a nonprofit voluntary collaboration of health care professionals working together as an interdisciplinary community to change the landscape of neonatal care. VON is comprised of teams of health care professionals representing neonatal intensive care units and level I and II care centers around the world. VON’s mission is to improve the quality and safety of medical care for newborn infants and their families through a coordinated program of research, education, and quality improvement projects.

The Network Database provides the information that allows VON to provide comprehensive, confidential reports that serve as a critical foundation for local quality improvement projects for participating NICUs. In addition, VON develops and leads quality improvement collaboratives focused on improving the quality and safety of newborn care that engage teams from hospitals around the world.

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