Membership Overview

Membership participation makes VON the only place in the world with the data expertise to choose which problems to solve and the QI leadership to create lasting solutions.

By becoming a member of VON, you help accelerate improvement in care for infants and families around the world and your active participation helps sustain the continuing achievements of the neonatal community of practice.

Database Membership

VON members contribute to the breadth and depth of the information collected on the population of vulnerable infants and make possible groundbreaking research and analysis that have led to new practices and better outcomes. Members of VON databases receive extensive reporting with regional and international benchmarks to target clinical practices and patient outcomes.

Quality Improvement and Education

VON members actively participating in VON QI collaborative are putting improvements in place that have real and immediate impact on infants and families. Supported by faculty who are experts in quality improvement and implementation science, teams use data and the latest evidence to demonstrate and sustain improvement.