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VON supports interdisciplinary teams around the world dedicated to our shared vision of giving every infant and family the best start to life.

Centers can participate in any or all VON databases or improvement programs. By participating as a VON member, the entire interdisciplinary team affiliated with the VON member center can log in to take advantage of members’ area resources. If you are not affiliated with a VON member center, you can still create a login to access publicly-available tools and resources.

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Members of VON databases receive extensive reporting with regional and international benchmarks to target clinical practices and patient outcomes. See more about VON databases and reporting.

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Members actively involved in advancing better practices learn, measure, share, and improve together. Supported by faculty who are experts in quality improvement and implementation science, teams use data and the latest evidence to demonstrate and sustain improvement. See more about VON’s data-driven and evidence-based quality improvement.

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Improving Critical Transitions for Every Newborn

Improving Critical Transitions for Every Newborn

High-quality transitions are critical to improving clinical outcomes.

Teams in this internet-based quality improvement collaborative use QI fundamentals to focus on the key drivers of teamwork, family-centered and integrated care, communication, and standardized processes to improve transitions of care.

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VON Quality Circle

Launching 2021

This intense collaborative will harness the energy of teams participating in past VON improvement collaboratives to focus on improving clinical outcomes by building QI capacity across participating organizations, committing to data transparency and peer-assessment, and integrating families in the improvement process.

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