Membership Levels and Fees

VON supports interdisciplinary teams around the world dedicated to our shared vision of giving every infant and family the best start to life.

Core and Quality Circle membership allows all staff at the member center to access VON tools, resources, and programs. Teams can also join NICQ, which is a two-year project-based enhanced Quality Circle membership.

We provide no-cost Basic Access to select programs and resources to support individual health care professionals who are not affiliated with a VON member center but are striving to provide the highest quality care for infants and families.

Core Membership

Core members contribute to databases and receive extensive reporting with regional and international benchmarks to target clinical practices and patient outcomes. Select a database below for details and learn about data submission and support on the Database and Reporting page.

Cost varies dependent on the database. The annual fee for Core members participating in the Very Low Birth Weight Database is $5,550.
The annual fee for the Expanded Database, which includes all infants admitted to a NICU (including very low birth weight infants) is based on number of hospital beds:

  • Small hospitals (fewer than 250 staffed beds) are $6,050 per year
  • Medium hospitals (250-500 beds) are $7,500 per year
  • Large (500+ beds) or children’s hospitals are $8,950 per year

Group reporting and pricing is available.

Other features for Core Members include:

Quality Circle

Quality Circle members have full access to VON quality improvement and education resources to learn, measure, share, and improve together. Enrollment includes participation in the current iNICQ collaborative and membership will automatically renew each year.

Cost: Core membership + $7,500 ($7,000 for centers participating in iNICQ 2020 Improving Critical Transitions)

Quality Circle features include:

  • Current iNICQ: Internet-based Newborn Improvement Collaborative for Quality (webinars, toolkits, online discussions, and other benefits)
  • QI Foundations course for entire multidisciplinary staff
  • Educational courses for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and Antibiotic Stewardship
  • Benchmarking measurement (VON Day Audits)
  • All Improvement Library resources
  • Community Forum
  • Recognition of center as “Quality Circle Member”
  • Discounted registration for Annual Quality Congress
  • CME/CNE/CPE/MOC Part 4
Clinician Parent discussion

iNICQ: Improving Critical Transitions

This collaborative is a benefit of Quality Circle membership

Specific features of iNICQ include:

  • Toolkits outlining key evidence, potentially better practices, and change ideas for critical transitions
  • Community Forum and dedicated listserv to communicate with expert faculty and peers
  • Live webinar series
  • Support to implement Experience-Based Co-Design
  • Online classroom, including recorded webinars accessible any time for CE credit
  • Education for QI fundamentals for entire interdisciplinary team
  • Improvement stories from teams applying QI and EBCD methodologies to critical transitions
  • Dedicated event at VON’s Annual Quality Congress with peer-to-peer learning
  • Faculty review of improvement posters
  • Discounted registration for Annual Quality Congress
  • VON Day Audits to provide baseline gap analysis and to track progress over time
  • Funding opportunities through VON’s Take Action to Follow Through grant
  • Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part 4 credits for entire physician team
  • CME, CNE, CPE for an unlimited number of team members
More about iNICQ Improving Critical Transitions

NICQ: Newborn Improvement Collaborative for Quality

Two-year quality collaborative for Critical Transitions

NICQ features and benefits include:

  • All Quality Circle features, including iNICQ and QI Foundations Course
  • Homeroom of 8-10 teams working on similar projects
  • Homeroom-dedicated faculty teams
  • Interactive electronic toolkit supporting evidence-based QI
  • Data transparency and custom VON data reports
  • Basic and advanced QI methods training
  • Community Forum and dedicated listservs to facilitate discussion
  • Onsite, in-person meetings tentatively planned for 2022 (pandemic-dependent)
  • Two-day homeroom program at the VON Annual Quality Congress
  • Funding opportunities through VON’s Take Action to Follow Through grant

Cost: Core membership + $25,000 ($20,000 for centers participating in NICQ 2018-20)

Enrollment Deadline: December 1, 2020

See More and Enroll in NICQ

Is iNICQ (Quality Circle) or NICQ the right fit for your center?

See all collaborative (NICQ and iNICQ) features and benefits with a comparison chart (pdf).

Basic Access

Basic Access supports improvement in newborn care through no-cost and publicly available resources for non-VON members, including:

Annual Membership Fees

  • Group pricing is available
  • Centers that participated in iNICQ 2020 receive $500 off 2021 Quality Circle
  • NICQ fees are $25,000 ($20,000 for centers participating in NICQ 2018-20) + Core database fees