Membership FAQs

Why should my hospital join Vermont Oxford Network?

Over 1,000 neonatal intensive care units from around the world submit data to Vermont Oxford Network (VON) with a shared goal of improving the quality, safety, and value of care for newborn infants and their families. We offer data-driven, action-oriented learning for improving outcomes and increasing the quality, safety, and value of newborn care. We develop interactive reporting tools for on-the-ground use in neonatal care; we create defining curricula for quality improvement collaboratives, engaging teams from centers around the world; and we direct outcomes research and clinical trials, turning data into actionable information that results in tangible improvements in outcomes.

What is the cost to join Vermont Oxford Network?

To determine cost, you must decide whether your hospital will submit data to the Very Low Birth Weight Database or to the Expanded Database of all NICU admissions.

The annual fee for the Very Low Birth Weight Database, which includes infants whose birth weight is less than or equal to 1500 grams or whose gestational age is less than or equal to 29 weeks, is $5,550.

The annual fee for the Expanded Database, which includes all infants admitted to a NICU, including very low birth weight infants, is based on number of hospital beds:

  • Small hospitals (fewer than 250 staffed beds) are $6,050 per year
  • Medium hospitals (250-500 beds) are $7,500 per year
  • Large (500+ beds) or children’s hospitals are $8,950 per year

What benefits are included in my Membership?

  • Participation in and access to the Vermont Oxford Network databases
  • Access to VON data comparison groups to benchmark performance against the entire Network and your NICU type
  • Data collection and reporting tools for an unlimited number of users affiliated with your center
  • Personal member services provided by a VON Account Manager
  • Member discounts on participation in VON quality improvement collaboratives, online education, and meetings
  • Facilitated participation in research projects and clinical Trials
  • Opportunities to volunteer in global health initiatives in low income countries in support of a worldwide community of practice

What additional services are available from VON that are not included in Core membership?

What are Vermont Oxford Network’s expectations of Members?

Vermont Oxford Network expects our database members to collect and enter data in a timely fashion to meet deadlines for data submission. In order to participate in all of Vermont Oxford Network’s offerings, database members will need to actively involve their IT staff in planning and integration for both online and locally installed applications and services.
Participation in other programs may carry additional requirements.

What other hospitals are Members?

To see the most up to date list of current Vermont Oxford Network members, visit our membership list.

What types of reporting will I receive as a Member?

An important benefit of membership in Vermont Oxford Network is the feedback members receive through the network’s confidential, customized reports. The reports document patient characteristics, treatment practices, morbidity, mortality, and length of stay at each center. They also track performance over time, comparing each center’s performance with its performance in previous years, with that of the network as a whole, and with subgroups of similar centers.
Reports include:

  • Nightingale Internet Reporting System, which offers members comprehensive historical and up-to-date information on patient demographics, outcomes, and interventions
  • Annual Reports
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Network Database Summaries
  • Optional reporting for groups at an additional fee

How do I submit data?

Vermont Oxford Network produces data collection and submission software, eNICQ, which is provided to all member centers as a benefit of membership. Members are encouraged to use eNICQ as it helps ensure the accurate entry and submission of data to the VON Databases. For more information on the submitting data to VON please visit our database pages.

How is my data secured?

Vermont Oxford Network takes the safety and integrity of data in our care very seriously. For over 25 years we have been entrusted as the stewards of data collected by our members and have never had a breach or loss of data. Staff members at your center will be designated as Web Services Administrators who will assign and revoke access to VON’s online tools for users at your center. Your center also controls who has access to the local eNICQ application used to collect and transmit data to VON. For more information about eNICQ’s technical specifications and security features please visit the eNICQ page.

Is VON HIPAA compliant?

Vermont Oxford Network is fully HIPAA compliant. VON does not generally accept protected health information (PHI) from member centers unless the member centers have both voluntarily elected to send this information in addition to the standard de-identified Vermont Oxford Network dataset and have signed an appropriate Business Associate Agreement.

What kind of support will I receive from Vermont Oxford Network?

Each VON center is assigned an Account Manager to assist in data collection and processing and to help navigate VON services.
A Technical Support team is also available to assist with integration issues involving the use of VON software tools and websites.
In addition VON provides:

  • eNICQ data entry and submission software
  • Electronic Data Submission options
  • Electronic data interface options for hospital EHRs
  • Online data management tools
  • Manuals of Operations
  • Video tutorials
  • Training webinars

What services are available for Groups (states, countries, health systems, physician management groups, etc.)?

Vermont Oxford Network offers opportunities for reporting and quality improvement projects for centers working together in geographically or administratively based groups including state, regional, or international improvement collaboratives, health care systems, and hospital alliances. For more information on offerings for groups please visit our Group Services page.

Can I publish VON data?

Please visit our Policy on Data Use to find out more about requirements before publishing VON data. For more information about collaborative research with Vermont Oxford Network, please review the Policy and Guidelines for Collaborative Research Using the Vermont Oxford Network Databases.

How can I learn more?

Contact for more information or to set up a demo today.

VON offers three membership tiers and basic access.