VON Video Tutorials

The tutorials on this page are between three and 12 minutes long and give an overview of eNICQ 6,  infant record statuses, the reports centers can view to identify issues with their center’s data submissions, and steps of the Finalization process.

Each video is narrated, so please have speakers or headphones available. Click on a video below to view it.

Feel free to reach out to your VON Account Manager or VON Support if you need more information on any of the topics covered in the videos.


eNICQ 6 functions and features review



RecordStatusesForFinalizationTutorial_First_FrameRecord Statuses for Finalization



VONDataFormStatusSummary_First_FrameUsing the VON Data Form Status Summary



VONInfantIDGapsSummaryTutorial_First_FrameUsing the VON Infant ID Gaps Summary



DataContactConfirmationTutorial_First_FrameData Contact Confirmation Process