Member’s Area

Member’s Area

Vermont Oxford Network makes a number of online resources available to members to support their staff and quality improvement efforts in the Member’s Area of our website:

  • Member’s Home is the landing page where center staff can access VON member tools and other resources such as tutorials, information about upcoming training sessions and events, important VON announcements and other information about the center’s relationship with VON.
  • Data Management provides tools to monitor data submissions, review errors and warnings, and complete data-finalization tasks.
  • Nightingale Internet Reporting System provides access to up-to-date infant data reporting, as well as annual reports and Network comparisons.
  • Collaborative Learning Center provides videos and reading material for education and quality improvement, soon to be replaced by the new VON Learning Management System.

Member’s Area Access Control

Local Web Services Administrators designated by member centers are responsible for ensuring that their center’s staff has access to the appropriate VON tools and web sites. Web Services Administrators are provided a user management tool within the Member’s Area of VON’s website that allows them to create and manage user accounts and assign permissions to the VON tools, data, reporting, and educational materials available to each center.

Please review the Web Services Administrator’s Guide or additional information.