Institute for Evidence-Based Practice

Helping teams apply evidence in the care of infants and families.

The VON Institute for Evidence-Based Practice is dedicated to helping teams apply evidence in the care they provide to infants and families by integrating proven effective practices into care provided in a local context.

While VON is a leader in data-driven quality improvement, this Institute formalizes the role of evidence in defining Potentially Better Practices that can be adopted or adapted through sound quality improvement methods that consider the role of families, teams, and other diverse local factors in the care of infants.

The evidence explored by the institute informs toolkits of Potentially Better Practices used in VON quality improvement programs.

For the broader worldwide improvement community, the Institute develops evidence briefs to translate the findings of studies in newborn care to practice in specific local settings. We also discuss the latest evidence and its implications in VON Grand Rounds webinars.

About Potentially Better Practices

We refer to improvement ideas as Potentially Better Practices (PBPs) rather than “better” or “best” practices to indicate that no practice is better or best until adapted, tested and shown to work in the local context.