An important benefit of membership in Vermont Oxford Network is the feedback members receive through the Network’s confidential, customized reports. The reports document patient characteristics, treatment practices, morbidity, mortality, and length of stay at each center. They also track performance over time, comparing each center’s performance with its performance in previous years, with that of the Network as a whole, and with subgroups of similar centers.

Center-specific reports are provided to help centers target specific clinical practices and patient outcomes for further analysis, with the goal of identifying potential quality improvement opportunities. Vermont Oxford Network reports are intended for use as one component of a continuous quality improvement program, and to find opportunities to improve care for patients and their families.

Nightingale, an online reporting tool, offers members comprehensive historical and up-to-date information on patient demographics, outcomes, and interventions. Nightingale provides secure access to confidential center and Network data, with access controlled by each member center.

Nightingale reflects the most recent infant data that have been submitted by each center, as well as the full history of data a member has submitted to the Network.  Nightingale users can:

  • View center data and Network or group comparison data
  • Drill down to the infant level to identify specific infant characteristics, outcomes, and procedures
  • View risk-adjusted outcome data by birth year and for three-year periods
  • View results by birth year, birth weight category, gestational age category, or birth location
  • Download tables and charts as PDF or Excel documents
  • Customize and save queries for future use
  • With appropriate agreements, view Time Series Charts by discharge date

Annual Reports include characteristics, outcomes, and interventions for eligible infants born during the reporting birth year. The report includes measures that have been risk-adjusted to account for case mix at each center, as well as data stratified by birth weight and gestational age. Centers can see trends in their own performance and their performance relative to the Network. Annual reports are sent to members and are available on Nightingale. Centers are encouraged to share their annual reports with their staff to facilitate the use of the data in support of quality improvement efforts across the NICU.

Quarterly Reports allow members to track the current birth year to date and identify any trends that indicate clinical problems or issues in data reporting. Quarterly reports are emailed to members and are available on Nightingale.

Network Database Summaries  provide a summary of results for the entire Network. They are prepared annually and are shared with all members.

Special Reports can be provided for an additional fee, to help explore specific questions and concerns.

Group Reports can be provided for an additional fee, to assist regional and other groups of centers to explore and improve their quality of care. Please visit the Group Services page for more information.