About Our Databases

 Network Databases

Members have the option to participate in either the Very Low Birth Weight (VLBW) Database or the Expanded Database. Member centers that submit data have access to extensive reporting on their patient data.

  • The Very Low Birth Weight Database includes infants with birth weights of 401 to 1500 grams or between 22 weeks 0 days and 29 weeks 6 days gestational age who are born alive at member centers or are admitted to them within 28 days of birth without first having gone home.
  • The Expanded Database includes all infants in the Very Low Birth Weight Database as well as infants over 1500 grams who are admitted to a NICU at a member center or who die at any location in the center within 28 days of birth without first having gone home.

Data collection includes:

  • Birth location, weight and head circumference, birth defects, maternal characteristics
  • Delivery and initial resuscitation
  • Respiratory care
  • Surgery
  • Mortality and neonatal morbidities
  • Status at discharge or transfer
  • For more information, please review the Manuals and Forms

Extremely Low Birth Weight Follow-Up

Members can also choose to participate in the Extremely Low Birth Weight (ELBW) Infant Follow-Up Project to assess health and neurodevelopmental status at 18 to 24 months corrected age for infants born weighing 1000 grams or less or between 22 and 28 weeks gestational age who survived to hospital discharge.
Data collection includes:

  • Health status
  • Living situation
  • Support after discharge
  • Medical and surgical re-hospitalizations
  • Growth, vision and hearing
  • Developmental testing, cerebral palsy, gross motor milestones
  • For more information please review the ELBW Materials