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Screening for Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)

Use this practical guide of six brief videos to implement SDOH screening and referral in the NICU setting from Gaby Cordova Ramos, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Boston Medical Center and Meg Parker, MD, MPH, Professor of Pediatrics, UMass Chan School of Medicine.


  • Module 1: Introduction to Social Determinants of Health in the NICU Setting
  • Module 2: Social Screening Tool Selection
  • Module 3: Integration of Social Screening and Referrals in the Electronic Health Record
  • Module 4: Building a Resource Guide or Referral System
  • Module 5: Overview of Implementation of Social Screening and Referral to Resources in the NICU
  • Module 6: Strategies to Optimize Implementation of Social Screening and Referral to Resources in the NICU
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Health Equity and Quality Improvement

Case Studies

The VON Take Action to Follow Through grant program supported the development of innovative programs to confront health inequities. The Potentially Better Practices at the core of the grant program are central to the VON improvement programs – NICQ and iNICQ – focusing on improving care for all infants and families. Some programs initiated by VON members include:


Improvement Stories

Teams in VON quality improvement programs (NICQ and iNICQ) regularly share their work to learn from and with each other. These projects are collected in the VON Improvement Library.

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