Change Ideas - Family Integration

  1. Consider holding at least one daily handoff in the patient room to facilitate family participation.
  2. Provide a glossary to parents and family members that defines standardized medical terminology and well-known and standardized abbreviations.
  3. Inform patients/families of change of service.25
    • Use physician face cards to help families recognize the members of their care team and to introduce new members of the care team at the time of a service changeover.31
  4. Conduct service changeover at the patient bedside.31
  5. Include assessment of social determinants of health in handoff32 as well as plans for family’s participation in care.
    • “I have social work working on housing”
    • “the mom has been referred for grief counseling after the loss of Twin A”
    • “parents live 400 miles away and can’t be here, we need to plan on skyping”