Group Services

VON offers services for Health Systems and Regional Groups.

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For more information about any of the following services, contact VON via email or call 802.865.4814.

iNICQ Quality Improvement Collaboratives

Our Internet-based quality improvement collaborative, iNICQ, has a ready-to-implement, structured improvement curriculum that is delivered through a series of web conferences, quality audits, Virtual Video Visits, and online learning tools.

Interested groups are invited to participate in these collaboratives, and can adapt or adopt the associated materials and methods as they strive to develop coordinated quality improvement efforts. In addition, groups participating in the VON Day quality audits will receive additional reporting on the audit results for their entire group. iNICQ runs from late January through December each year.

Please contact VON for more information via email or call 802.865.4814.

Reporting and Benchmarking

In addition to standard member reporting, Vermont Oxford Network members may establish a group relationship with VON to receive additional reporting that allows centers to:

  • Compare performance of each hospital in the group to one another in a special annual report
  • Use our Nightingale Internet Reporting System to compare center data for each hospital in the group to consolidated data about all centers in the group and to other benchmarks provided by VON (all VON, regional, NICU type, etc.)
  • Control whether the individual hospital data in your group reporting identifies the participating center’s data or is blinded
  • Additional custom group reporting is available
  • Manage who has access to view reporting about your group

Group reporting and benchmarking services are provided at an additional fee. Please contact VON for pricing and more information via email or call 802.865.4814.

Group Data Submission

Consolidate your data submission efforts and save time and money

VON’s free data collection and submission software, eNICQ, has been designed to allow groups of centers to work together using a single centralized database to collect data for multiple hospitals. This allows health systems and regional groups to consolidate their efforts and pool resources to reduce the cost in equipment and IT time required to maintain databases for the collection and submission of VON data. For more information about establishing a centralized database installation for multiple sites please contact