Epic Tools for VON Members

We know many VON members use Epic for an EMR solution, and we want to be sure you know about the tools available to you through Epic. To learn more, please contact your hospital’s Epic analyst.

VON-related Epic tools include:

  • A system list with patients who are likely eligible for submission. The system list uses rules to identify admitted patients who are likely eligible for submission, as well as the last abstraction time and the current abstraction status.
  • A Reporting Workbench report to identify recently discharged patients. After patients are discharged, abstractors can use a report to identify patients who are likely eligible for submission.
  • Vermont-Oxford-Network-specific SmartForms. There are 11 SmartForms in total, and each field in these SmartForms corresponds to a required Vermont Oxford Network data item. Data item definitions are provided in Part 2 of the Vermont Oxford Network Manual of Operations.
  • Summary report. Abstractors can use this report to review previous and current abstractions and patient summary information, as well as launch the Abstraction Tool sidebar.
  • Abstraction Tool sidebar. Abstractors and clinical staff can use Vermont-Oxford-Network-specific SmartForms in this sidebar to create abstraction records and gather data for submission. The Abstraction Tool sidebar appears to the right of the screen, allowing users to search the patient’s chart for relevant information while documenting it on the sidebar instead of toggling between different activities.
  • Autopopulation rules. To save time and help ensure that data is populated correctly, you can configure rules that automatically populate certain fields in the Vermont Oxford Network SmartForms.
  • Vermont-Oxford-Network-specific Report Workbench reports. Abstractors or report writers can use the following reports to format the data from each abstraction record into a report format accepted by Vermont Oxford Network or eNICQ.

If your hospital uses an Epic EMR, contact your Epic analyst to learn more about tools available for VON members.