eNICQ 6 software is made available to all Vermont Oxford Members as a benefit of membership. It allows for the collection, error checking, and submission of infant records.

Version 6.2 will be available soon. At that time, the installer for version 6.1.1 can no longer be used. Please contact our support team with any questions at support@vtoxford.org or 802-865-4814 x240.

Installer will be updated October 22, 2020.

This update requires an upgrade to the current eNICQ 6 database and client application on PCs.

If your center is currently using eNICQ 6.1.1 and need to access the eNICQ6 MSI to install version 6.1.1 on a new machine, you can download the eNICQ 6.1.1 MSI using the link below.


Upgrading eNICQ 6 to Version 6.2

Download the eNICQ 6.2 Network Installation Guide

Download the eNICQ 6.2 Local Installation Guide

Locating the eNICQ 6 License Key (will require access to the Data Management section of the VON Member Portal)

Providing permissions to eNICQ 6 when using VON logins

What’s New in eNICQ 6.2

More eNICQ 6 Documentation

eNICQ 6 Video Tutorial

eNICQ 6.1.1 MSI