Active Directory Groups

If you choose to use Active Directory logins, your System Administrator would need to create an AD group for users and one for administrators and add users to those groups prior to installing eNICQ 6. You can use whatever naming conventions for these groups that work best for your center. During the installation process, if you select to use Active Directory for the type of login you will then get a page to enter in the names of the AD groups your Systems Administrator created and they will then get added to the eNICQ 6 database with the appropriate permissions.

Unlike previous version of eNICQ, administrators no longer necessarily have access to each center added to the eNICQ 6 database. They need to be given access on a center-by-center basis in the Member’s Area. Even if you are using Active Directory logins when you add a new center you will be given the opportunity to add new AD groups for that center.