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What, Why, and How to Develop a Driver Diagram - R. Vartanian

Key Driver Diagram

Improving Handoffs

This toolkit on handoffs includes a detailed key driver diagram that is intended for teams to adopt and adapt to meet their project-specific needs and reflect their current system. As in the sample diagram below, teams may choose to focus their efforts on any combination of the Safe, Timely, Efficient, Effective, Equitable, Patient/family-centered, and Socially responsible (STEEEPS) criteria. The four primary drivers of Communication, Teamwork, Family Integration and Standardized Processes, and their corresponding potentially better practices (PBPs), serve to ensure the STEEEPS criteria are met for every handoff. Transition-specific drivers and change ideas provide a framework to link the PBPs to the specific focus on handoffs. Effective quality improvement efforts aimed at improving handoffs are likely to be short and focused, ideally accomplished over 90-120 days.