Leapfrog Hospital Survey

Streamline Data Submission for the Leapfrog Hospital Survey

Vermont Oxford Network is a steward for one measure on The Leapfrog Group Hospital Survey: risk-adjusted death or morbidity for very-low birth weight (VLBW) infants.

Hospitals can opt-in for VON to send relevant data directly to The Leapfrog Group for reporting on high-risk deliveries in Section 4E High-Risk Deliveries of the Leapfrog Hospital Survey.

Participating centers must have finalized the birth year data for the reporting period.

A Report Contact from the participating center should complete the Data Sharing Authorization letter linked below. Once received, we will share the following data elements from the Nightingale Internet Reporting System with The Leapfrog Group:

  • Data for the Risk-Adjustment Death or Morbidity SMR (shrunken) for VLBW infants, which will include:
    • Number of infants (n)
    • Standardized Mortality Ratio (SMR), shrunken
    • 95% Lower Confidence Interval for the SMR
    • 95% Upper Confidence Interval for the SMR

Process and Timeline

Please download, complete, and return the permission letter to leapfrogreporting@vtoxford.org by the appropriate date in the first column below. Contact leapfrogreporting@vtoxford.org with any questions.

*Hospitals that successfully submitted a Data Sharing Authorization letter in previous years are not required to submit another letter in 2024.
**Anticipated release of 2023 VON data.
***Available on Hospital Details Page on the same day as public release of Survey Results.