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Since 1990, neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) around the world have submitted data to Vermont Oxford Network for the purposes of benchmarking and quality improvement and published annually in Database Summaries. Vermont Oxford Network provides two summaries: one for infants 501 to 1500 grams, and one for infants in the Expanded Database of all NICU admissions. All Vermont Oxford Network members submit data to the Very Low Birth Weight database for infants born at 401 to 1500 grams or 22 to 29 weeks’ gestational age. Members can also submit data on all NICU admissions regardless of gestational age or birth weight.

These reports are intended for use as part of a continuous quality improvement program. We encourage you to use the reports in that spirit.

2020 Birth Year

Infants 501 to 1500 Grams at Birth

In 2020, 1,066 centers registered 53,640 infants weighing 501 to 1500 grams of which 85% were exposed to antenatal steroids, 74% were born via cesarean section, and 12% were <36°C upon admission to the NICU. Overall, 12% of the population died before discharge from the hospital and 42% experienced death or morbidity (severe intraventricular hemorrhage, chronic lung disease, necrotizing enterocolitis, pneumothorax, any late infection, or cystic periventricular leukomalacia). The mean initial length of stay was 59 days.

Infants at Expanded Centers

In 2020, 526 centers registered 206,297 infants in the Expanded Database of which 13% were part of a multiple gestation and 7% had a congenital anomaly. In this population, 2% were diagnosed with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, 2% with seizures, and 1% with meconium aspiration syndrome. The mean initial length of stay was 19 days.

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