Virtual Discussion

Information for Attendees

Health Equity in the Age of Covid - Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. (Eastern)

Please download and review the Pediatrics paper and related Potentially Better Practices ahead of the virtual discussion. You can find all related resources on this page. For information about faculty or to view the recorded session after the live event, please visit the Health Equity in the Age of Covid page.

Potentially Better Practices for Follow Through

VON Potentially Better Practices for Follow Through will provide a foundation for the virtual discussion during the Health Equity in the Age of Covid webinar. Please review the change ideas before the webinar to fully participate in the discussion.

The potentially better practices are divided into four main categories:

  • Promote a culture of equity
  • Identify social risks of families and provide interventions to prevent and mitigate those risks
    • Take action to assist families after discharge (transition to home)
    • Maintain support for families through infancy
  • Develop robust quality improvement efforts to ensure equitable, high-quality hospital and follow through care to all newborns by eliminating modifiable disparities
  • Advocate for social justice at the local, state, and national levels

We refer to improvement ideas as Potentially Better Practices rather than “better” or “best” practices to indicate that no practice is better or best until adapted, tested and shown to work in the local context.

See all Potential Better Practices in Our Responsibility to Follow Through for NICU Infants and their Families (Pediatrics, June 2020).

VON SONPM COVID-19 Impact Audit Family Stories

The VON SONPM COVID-19 Impact Audits in April, May and June revealed significant impacts on families in newborn care units around the world, even in hospitals that had not yet experienced any cases.

Please share a story of a family whose care in your hospital was affected by COVID-19 or changes in care practices due to COVID-19.

  • We welcome stories from around the world, from all NICU disciplines, family advisors, and parents.
  • The story can be about any aspect of the pandemic’s effects, such as: confirmed or suspected cases of infection in parents or infants; financial hardship; lost employment or other resources; separation; restricted visitation.
  • We are particularly interested in stories about disproportionately affected populations in the US and internationally, such as minorities, socially disadvantaged, or immigrants.

Community Forum

The VON Community Forum is a place to ask questions and share practices, guidelines, and new knowledge and experiences. Open dialogue is vital as we address the inequities and injustices so deeply ingrained in our society while improving the health and well-being of the infants and families we serve.