Antenatal Steroid Exposure Among Infants Born at 22 to 25 Weeks’ Gestation

We studied administration of antenatal steroids (ANS) and rates of survival and major morbidities of infants born at the edge of viability receiving postnatal life support at VON member hospitals in the U.S. This research recently published in JAMA Network Open shows receipt of ANS is associated with significantly higher rates of survival and survival […]

Vermont Oxford Network Members Collaborate on Occlusive Wrap Clinical Trial

A randomized controlled trial conducted by 39 Vermont Oxford Network members found that occlusive wrap increased mean body temperature when used with preterm infants. The Heat Loss Prevention Trial (HeLP Trial) enrolled 817 infants born 24/0 to 27/6 weeks gestational age. Infants were assigned randomly to be wrapped or not wrapped immediately after birth. Wrapped […]

VON Partners in Study Indicating Better Nursing Resources Could Improve Health Outcomes

New research from Vermont Oxford Network, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, and Rutgers School of Public Health found an insufficient number of nurses and poor work environments are associated with health outcomes of infants born in hospitals that care for disproportionately more black infants. The article, “Disparities in Perinatal Quality Outcomes for Very Low […]