Kelly Burch PharmD*

Pharmacy Specialist-Neonatology
Emerson NICU at Mercy Children’s Hospital
St. Louis, MO

Kelly Burch is a Pharmacy Specialist-Neonatology at Mercy Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, MO providing comprehensive pharmaceutical care for patients in the NICU. Dr. Burch provides leadership in quality improvement for the children’s hospital, pharmacy department and NICU. She is a member of the VON Multidisciplinary Advisory Committee (MDAC) and has served as a local leader for both VON NICQ Next and iNICQ Collaboratives. Dr. Burch has a deep interest in the appropriate and safe use of all drugs in the NICU and has published a trigger tool to assess adverse drug events. Dr. Burch has been interested in antibiotic prescribing patterns since 1994, when she published a paper titled, Drug Use Evaluation of Antibiotics in a Pediatric Teaching Hospital. In the past 3 years Mercy Children’s Hospital has been working on antibiotic stewardship in an effort to identify and hardwire antibiotic prescribing practices. Dr. Burch will bring a deep understanding of the NICU context, the pharmacy systems and best-practices to assist teams in identifying actionable opportunities for measurable improvement.

* Steering Committee

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