Annual Quality Congress

Virtual Poster Expo

Our global community convenes each year to share quality improvement science, translational science, and original research at the poster expo. Join us to share your improvement with colleagues around the world and learn how leading VON centers are transforming newborn care for tomorrow by turning their data into action today.

To share a poster during the VON Annual Quality Congress, please register it by providing the title and description through the portal below.

Who Should Register a Poster

  • Individuals or teams engaged in improving the quality, safety, and value of care for newborn infants and their families.
  • Individuals or teams enrolled in VON QI programs: NICQ 2021-22, iNICQ Critical Transitions, Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, Genomic Network
  • All VON members, including those participating in ELBW Follow-up and Global Health programs
  • State, regional, or international quality improvement groups
  • Parent Partners
  • Fellows, early career neonatologists, and nurses in training
  • Physicians and physician teams participating in a current NICQ or iNICQ collaborative and applying for MOC Part 4 credits

Guidelines and Templates

Teams participating in a VON QI program are encouraged to use the VON poster templates linked below. All other teams and individuals submitting a poster are welcome to incorporate elements of these poster templates, too.

iNICQ Critical Transitions Templates

NICQ Templates

Family Partners

Commercial Bias and Product Endorsements

The VON Annual Quality Congress is free of commercial support. Vermont Oxford Network does not accept industry sponsorship, displays, or product advertising. Posters must not contain commercial messages or product endorsements.

Virtual Poster Expo Features

See how teams are testing new ideas, showing measurable results, and sustaining improvement.

Participants can:

  • View all posters and search by customized fields
  • Post comments and questions for authors
  • Take notes, rate posters, and select favorites
  • Share with colleagues

You must be registered for the Annual Quality Congress to view the posters.

Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part 4

Physicians and physician teams seeking MOC Part 4 credit should submit a PDF of their poster and a completed American Board of Pediatrics Quality Improvement Project for MOC Attestation Form by November 30, 2021 through the Vermont Oxford Network MOC Part 4 Attestation Submission Form portal (sent by email in August 2021 after you register a poster).

The criteria for MOC Part 4 credits have been established by the American Board of Pediatrics. All final decisions about awarding credits are at their discretion. Detailed information about Maintenance of Certification can be found on the American Board of Pediatrics website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I submit an abstract?
You do not need to submit an abstract in order to present a poster at the Virtual Poster Expo.

How do I apply for MOC Part 4 credits without an abstract?
In order to apply for MOC Part 4 credits, you must:

  1. Be a physician from a team participating in iNICQ: Critical Transitions or a NICQ homeroom in 2021.
  2. Access the Vermont Oxford Network MOC Part 4 Attestation Submission Form (You will be contacted in early August when the form is open).
  3. Digitally submit a poster.
  4. Digitally submit all completed attestations for all physicians requesting MOC Part 4.

All posters and attestations for MOC Part 4 credits must be submitted by November 30, 2021.

Can I submit a poster that has been presented in another conference or event?
Yes, you can submit a poster of your improvement work or original research even if you have presented it elsewhere as long as the subject matter is relevant.

Why do I keep getting error messages when I try to bring up the portal in my web browser?
Some centers have blocked all Google-related websites. Please contact your network administrator or try accessing the portal from a computer not connected to your center’s network.

How do I submit my poster for MOC Part 4 credit?

If you are participating in VON’s NICQ or iNICQ collaboratives, you are welcome to register your poster for MOC Part 4 credit through this form (You will be contacted in early August when the MOC Part 4 attestation form is open).

Why can’t I find my center name in the drop down list in the submission portal?
If your center has recently changed its name, it may not be updated in our system.  Please contact your VON account manager to start this process. If your center has not recently changed its name, please contact

My center has recently changed it’s name. Why are you using the old name in the submission portal?
If your center has recently changed its name, it may not be updated in our system.  Please contact your VON account manager to start this process.

Where can I find my poster reference number?
Your poster reference number will be emailed to the primary author of your poster. You can also find it in this table.