Annual Quality Congress

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in registration for the Annual Quality Congress?
By registering to attend the Annual Quality Congress, you will be able to attend all sessions (note limited enrollment for Jump Starting Quality workshops). Members from centers enrolled in NICQ/iNICQ Improving Critical Transitions collaboratives will have additional days of sessions. The online conference site includes features for networking and Q&A, posters from teams, and slide handouts of presentations.


What is the cost to attend the Annual Quality Congress?
There is no fee for members at centers enrolled in the Quality Circle, including centers participating in NICQ/iNICQ Improving Critical Transitions, and members of state groups participating in VON Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome programs.

Members at centers participating solely in VON databases (Core Members) pay $100 for each individual.

All other individuals pay $200 to attend the virtual conference.


I’m part of a VON collaborative team (NICQ/iNICQ Improving Critical Transitions). Where can I see the agenda for the events September 29-October 1?
Agendas and other materials will be available for collaborative teams on their VON portal pages.


My center is participating in a collaborative (NICQ/iNICQ Improving Critical Transitions). Do I need to register even though there is no cost for me to attend?
Yes, by registering for the event, you will receive login information to participate in the event and claim CE credit. The virtual conference site will also provide tools such as networking and Q&A features.


Do I have to register for the virtual Annual Quality Congress and Virtual Poster Expo?
The Virtual Poster Expo is part of the Annual Quality Congress. To view the posters, you must register for the Annual Quality Congress and use that login information to view all sessions, including the posters.


Are there special accommodations for community members in Low and Middle Income Countries?
For VON community members located in Low and Middle Income Countries, there is a discounted registration rate. You do not have to be a member of VON to use this rate.


Will I be able to access slide handouts from the sessions?
Yes, there will be links to slide handouts in the conference site for each session. Additional handouts for NICQ teams will be available on their online Homeroom pages on the LMS.


After I register for the Annual Quality Congress, how will I access the sessions?
You must log in to the conference website to access the sessions. You will receive an email with access information after you register.


Where can I find out about submitting a poster to the Virtual Poster Expo or attaining Maintenance of Certification Part 4?
See information about posters and MOC Part 4 on this page.


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