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Evidence to Practice: Management of Oxygen in Preterm Infants, May 15, 2024.

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Data to Benchmark Improvement

VON serves as a neutral, independent party in analyzing and providing benchmarking data for individual centers and groups that can be used to identify local opportunities for improvement of neonatal care.

Four databases collect information on very low birth weight infants, all patients cared for in a NICU, follow-up for extremely low birth weight infants, and infants cared for in resource-limited settings around the world.

VON Databases and Reporting

Structured Quality Improvement and Education

VON quality improvement collaboratives provide custom reporting, interactive evidence-based toolkits, and online education and discussion to help teams improve health outcomes, family experiences, and achieve other improvement aims.

Participating teams strive to establish sustainable improvement that contributes to the evolution of newborn care for all.

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